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This lil article pop up a few days before Ceasar Millan’s “Love My Pit Bull” tv special. I personally did not care enough to watch it. But let’s take a look at these false information about APBT’s.

My replies in bold

1. Pit Bulls were developed by cross-breeding boxers and terriers, giving them the boxer’s strength and the terrier’s smarts.

If you know even a shred of APBT history then you would know that the breed came about from cross breeding the old time bulldog’s with terriers. To create a strong, agile dog for the purpose of dog fighting.

2. They were once known as “nanny dogs” because they’re attentive and patient around young children.

This here is FALSE. APBT’s were NEVER known as “nanny dog’s”. There are absolutely no historical articles claiming the breed to be “nannies”. While yes, they are wonderful with children but that does not make them “nanny dog’s”. Just because there are tons of vintage photo’s of Pit Bulls and kids means nothing as there are ton’s of vintage photo’s of other breeds of dog’s with children as well.

3. The idea that this breed is naturally aggressive is a myth. With proper training, a pit bull can be as laid back as a basset hound.

Ugh, just STOP comparing Pit Bull’s to other dog’s already!. While Pit Bull’s should NEVER show human aggression they can and DO show animal aggression…specifically towards other dogs. Why? because APBT’s were bred for dog fighting. It’s in their gene’s and most just want to go after other dog’s for no reason at all. The same way a Lab will have the instinct to retrieve, or a Border Collie will want to herd, an APBT will want to fight. Just because someone might have a Pit Bull that is friendly towards other dogs it means nothing…there are exceptions in all breeds!


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